Warranty Policy

  • Via Bao First Login - Please Read Login Instructions
  • VIA - all cases of changing password or email are not covered by the warranty
  • Via customer's purchase, self-preservation change pass and pass mail, recovery mail of mail
  • Bms will be soaked for 24 hours upon receipt, and bms will be soaked for 1 - 10 hours.(depends on the number of links from 1 - 100 bm )
  • Warranty Bm has not created a Bao Ngam account for 24 hours
  • Warranty Bm has a bank account yet ad 24h card
  • Not responsible for the problem of loss via bm because of the shop's error of not changing via or out bm
  • Get Backup Contact Shop
  • Out Bm Contact Shop - Out bm is done !!
  • Bm abnormal rate back to original via algorithm is extremely low 0.0001% due to abnormal operation of bm,, bm back to original via, lost and no mail notification → no warranty! (usually you won't meet)



Shop is not responsible for the problem of losing marks because of the error of not changing Via + after 7 days of not kicking qtv BM !!!!!!!!!