SPEAKER SPEAKER Announcement!!!

Log via and change via process : Note

- Zalo Group Support : Tham gia nhóm     
- Freelance Energy Buying and Selling Group : Tham gia nhóm

- Method of depositing money into the account: 

**Send money to USDT  Trc20+ take photo bill  + Contact whatapp +84964091098 / tele @manhqc

- Please  Check Receive Via and Proceed to change your FB Pass information  - Pass M)     
- We are not responsible for loss due to failure to change via!

Shop is not responsible for the problem of losing the mark because of the error of not changing Via !     

- About BM, ib into zalo group or mess button and send bm id + bm name on the web to get out of BM. (avoid losing call to shop) 

Product name Warranty Country Available Unit price Action
Facebook icon instagram new
Country icon 670 0.04 $